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Step-by-step Process:

1. Customer Service

We’ll be glad to take care of your window needs at any time.

2. Free Estimate

Contact us for a free estimate for the project you have in mind. We have a team of qualified representatives that will gladly visit you in meeting your needs and calculating job cost and efficiency. Our in-house software will help provide you a detailed and quick response, and we will also send you a proposal for your approval.

3. Professional Advice

Behar will give you the advice you need to choose the best window types and size options for your property. We’ll be there from beginning to end, and we’ll answer any question you have in order to make sure that you are getting the best possible product and service. We are prepared to provide solutions to the most unique challenges.

4. Products

We work with top-quality products. Our providers are the leading manufacturers of impact windows and doors in the country. We assure that every product that leaves our facilities exceeds the strictest quality control standards. In fact, the products we work with exceed Miami-Dade County requirements.

5. Permits

We take care of all the requirements to get the right permits for the windows that we install for you.

6. Delivery

We deliver the products from our factory to your property on time.

7. Installation

Behar has many years of experience installing windows in a wide range of buildings, from commercial to luxury properties. We take extreme care to assure that each job gets done right. We are licensed (General Contractor and Glazing) by the Florida Building Code to install high-impact resistant windows (or to replace an existing window with a high-impact resistant window). We are also able to meet any special requirements that contractors might have.

8. Retrofit

We do the retrofit according to the specifications you provide us. This will assure that the windows installed naturally blend into your property, while also adding a distinctive accent to the architecture.

9. Quality Control

We use a state-of-the-art thermal scan machine that verifies that every window we install is in perfect condition and hermetically sealed. Plus, after installation, and as a complementary service, we will provide you a free analysis of any air gaps that your property might have.

10. Inspection

Make sure that our products pass all the inspections required by the county.

Why Behar Windows?

Our cutting-edge design is based on more than 20 years of experience in engineering design, construction and windows installation. Your safety is our priority.

Our clients say

Behar Windows offers impeccable service and high-end quality. I would definitely recommend them

- Erick Strathmore

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